I’ve been getting some feedback that it’s not clear where the tutorial is. I’ve made it more obvious by putting the button to launch it right in the introductory message. I didn’t expect to be pushing an update 24 hours after launch, but here I am. It’s live on Steam now.

It’s been a year

I started developing this game on the 9th of September 2019. I started this blog shortly after. With my development speed in the beginning, I guessed I could finish it by June or July. Hofstadter’s law amirite?

Anyway, it’s still very much active. I just have less to post because I’m now working on the story and battles more than the mechanics.

My YouTube account got terminated

So this happened:

I looked at the policy page on it, and I still don’t know what I’ve done that constitutes spam, deceptive practices or misleading content. I appealed it, and received an automated response saying that my account will stay terminated. I could be more persistent, but considering all the controversy around YouTube’s censorship and demonetisation, I’ve decided to move to a LBRY, a less restrictive platform. I’ve uploaded most of my videos, and the rest will arrive soon.