I’m back

Sorry about the break. Nightfall Hacker hasn’t been abandoned just yet. To prove it, here’s an addition:

I added a highlight to the hovered-over option in the program list to improve usability. It’s a small thing, but there’s more to come.

4 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Whoa! You’re making spybots!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic, I’ve been wanting to play so bad, I’ve actually been trying to make my own version of it too lol

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      1. Alas, I haven’t really gotten very far with it yet. I’ve been using game maker so I’m not the best at game design, but I did manage to figure out how to make a head object that can create tail segments when moved. Though thematically, I’m veering off the original and opting for a more fantasy, wizards and runes style with maybe some cards and affects that aren’t directly related to each ‘hack’s’ ability. Hopefully I will hope something to show at some point.


      2. That’s interesting. One of my friends said that the mechanics aren’t necessarily tied to hacking, and could be moved to another format like that. You can join the club when you do have something to show. Good luck.


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